Photos Casa Calida Bonaire

Kralendijk Bonaire
A wonderful private swimming pool to have fun in with the whole family.
Bonaire Airport
The beautiful Caribbean styles give character to the house.
Bonaire Climate
All together in the pool, or just you with a book on the pool deck.
Bonaire Dive Resort
Having dinner outside is great, but have your meal in the kitchen is also very nice!
Bonaire Villa
Both outside on the porch, and inside we have provided nice sofas.
Bonaire Vacation Rentals
Cozy lounge areas can be found throughout the villa.
Villa on Bonaire
On Bonaire people live outside the house, but as a bonus you'll have this living room...
Bonaire Windsurfing
Plenty of space and comfort for the whole family, or all the guests of the villa.
Buddy Dive Bonaire
Eating your food outside gives extra dimension to your holiday in the Caribbean.
Sun Rentals Bonaire
The cozy and comfortable bedrooms, in the same style as the rest of the furnishings.
Bonaire Holiday
A good night's sleep gives you the energy to go windsurfing again tomorrow!
Bonaire Weather
We have provided 8 comfortable beds.
Bonaire Island
The bathrooms are of a Caribbean simplicity and they are decorated with care.
Extra Bonaire
Nice details give the villa that warm, cozy feel.
Bon Aire
Each bedroom has its own bathroom for maximum privacy.
Bonaire Map
The lighting is carefully selected for an optimal atmosphere.
Bon Aire Resort
The mosquito nets give the beds a fairytale appearance.
We have hung plenty of mirrors in the villa...
Bonaire Hotels
The use of towels and bed linen is of course included in the price.
Sunwise Bonaire
Roman pottery and other accessories along with the planting, complete the garden.
Antilles Island
Every day 30 degrees Celsius, a nice breeze and chill out with your friends in the pool.
Snorkeling Bonaire
The pool provides the necessary cooling after diving, kiteboarding or windsurfing.
Scuba Diving Bonaire
A great Caribbean vacation at Casa Calida Bonaire.
Bonaire Real Estate
Complete with rinse tank and a storage locker for scuba gear!